Proud Baggies FC

Proud Baggies FC is a fully inclusive LGBTQ+ football club based in the West Midlands

Mersey Rose Recreationals

Mersey Rose Recreationals was created in 2023 as an inclusive cricket club in which playing ability matters less than a sense of belonging and the opportunity to come as you are and enjoy yourself.

Cowplain Ladies FC

One of the few female-led teams in the area, we ensure our environment is positive and welcoming to all players regardless of age and ability.

Preston Lambs


We are an all-inclusive football team from Preston, Lancashire, open to people from all over Lancashire who want to play football.

Wrecsam Rhinos

We are a collection of individuals across the Wrexham and nearby areas who believe that rugby is a sport for all, no matter your size, shape, ability, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity.