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Mersey Rose Recreationals was created in 2023 as an inclusive cricket club in which playing ability matters less than a sense of belonging and the opportunity to come as you are and enjoy yourself.

We adopt an inclusive approach to cricket and everyone is genuinely welcome. We are proud of the diversity of our membership and the range of cricketing experiences we are able to provide.

We run two teams - a hardball team that plays on Sunday afternoons and a softball team that plays in shorter midweek games. Our members are welcome to play in whichever format they prefer (or both!). We only play friendly matches - we are "the friendly team" in more ways than one! - and selection is not ability-based. Ultimately we want to put out teams that are mixed in terms of gender, age and ability. 

We are a club that is proud to be different, proud to be pioneering and proud to be unashamedly inclusive.

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