Nice to do

This section extends the celebratory features of the club.
By this stage, you may have a junior section in place. Developing approaches that recognise LGBTIQ+ young people’s contributions to the club across all club activities will embed young people's sense of pride in being part of a supportive, inclusive and progressive club.

Quick checklist

Top Tips!

  1. Don’t forget to include young people in designing their rewards/incentives.
  2. Build celebration into the club calendar
  3. Ensure celebratory events are affordable and accessible for young people
  4. Celebrate having a junior section rather than success and achievement
  5. Use language that is inclusive and positive
Must do
Should do
Could do
Nice to do

The guidance is split into 4 sections ranging from 'must do' to 'nice to do'. Work through these and tick off your progress as you go!