Could do

This section focuses on LGBTIQ+ young people's support, voice and leadership. 
Mentoring and inclusive imagery provides the possibility modelling that many young people need to see to feel a part of a club. Listening to young people's views and hearing their opinions validates their participation, which includes enabling and supporting LGBTIQ+ young people to take up leadership roles in the club.

Quick checklist

Top Tips!

  1. Include photos of club members on web sites and media feeds
  2. Use the inclusive flag on publicity
  3. Coaches and referees could  wear armbands to reflect their identity
  4. Continue to ask young people how best to promote to LGBIQI+  young people
  5. Website is massive part of who you are and what you are- keep it updated
Must do
Should do
Could do
Nice to do

The guidance is split into 4 sections ranging from 'must do' to 'nice to do'. Work through these and tick off your progress as you go!