Must do

This level contains the foundations a club must have in place in preparing for junior members’ involvement.
We look at your club’s vision, insurance, safeguarding, welfare, facilities, risk assessments, and how the club’s fee structure is designed. Essentially this is the policy, planning and culture section, and getting it right will provide the foundations for LGBTIQ+ young people's safe and sustained involvement in the club.

Quick checklist

Top Tips!

  1. Create a culture of safeguarding in the club. The more embedded it becomes, the safer young people will feel.
  2. Prioritise the welfare of LGBTIQ+ young people rather than their performance.
  3. Ask about pronouns and names, and be open about your own pronouns and name.
  4. Recognise the needs of gender diverse young people.
  5. Think about financial barriers to inclusion e.g. have some free kit available for young people to use if possible.
Must do
Should do
Could do
Nice to do

The guidance is split into 4 sections ranging from 'must do' to 'nice to do'. Work through these and tick off your progress as you go!