Should do

This level focuses attention on club culture.

Inclusive club culture leads to better engagement and happiness, where all people feel they belong. Clubs may have customs and practices that work really well for adults, but may need some adaptation to better support engagement with under 18s.
This includes: how people conduct themselves; the words and banter used; and how new members are greeted, welcomed and included in the club. Embrace LGBTIQ+ young people in the club’s culture, fostering psychological safety which is necessary for LGBTIQ+ young people to feel comfortable being themselves. This will also support retention.

Quick checklist

Top Tips!

  1. Have someone available  to provide a warm welcome to young LGBTIQ+  people arriving at the club
  2. Collect feedback on young LGBTIQ+ peoples  experience. This will range from asking children if they have enjoyed activities in the training session, or what snacks they would like in the tuck shop, through to having junior representation on committees. This could be a dedicated annual participant experience survey
  3. Addressing any support needs ,building relationships based on trust,  this will  enable LGBTIQ+ young people  to take part in the decision-making process about support. 
  4. Address potential threats to returning to the club if people leave. 
  5. Treat all LGBTIQ+ young people  with respect and dignity, take  time to chat informally , be friendly and be boundaried,  
  6.   Follow up when people don’t show up and haven’t let you know
Must do
Should do
Could do
Nice to do

The guidance is split into 4 sections ranging from 'must do' to 'nice to do'. Work through these and tick off your progress as you go!