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Merfolk Adventures

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Merfolk Adventures is an LGBTQ+ inclusive social group based around cold water or wild water swimming and other activities.

We’re a community where you don’t have to be interested in a certain sport or skill to get involved, everyone is welcome regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation.

Our usual activities involve heading in the water for a chat and a splash, then grabbing a drink or bite to eat together afterwards. We also arrange group activities such as gorge walking, hikes, coastal walks, and water parks.

We are based in South Wales, with a lot of our dips taking place between the Gower & Bridgend, and inland up to Bannau Brycheiniog. But the more people that get involved, the wider our catchment area becomes.

A lot of our calendar events involve sea swimming, or usually at an assigned meeting point on the coast, or at a communal area inland, then travel together to our final destination.

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