Ishigaki LGBT+ Martial Arts Club

Ishigaki is the UK's largest LGBT+ martial arts club. Since 1994, we train people of all sexualities and genders in Ju-Jitsu. We have 25 black belts, and 75 members at all levels of proficiency. Our mission is to teach and promote Ju-Jitsu (and Ju-Jitsu-based self-defence courses) to and among the LGBT+ community.

What is the goal / dream for your club?

"Our goal is to fight homophobia one punch, kick and throw at at a time."

It is pride month so we want to know what you are most proud of about your club?

"We are proud that we prove to the world every day that we LGBT+ are fabulous, and that we look great in white pyjamas. Winning Best Walking Group in Pride 2019 was a very proud moment for our club. We could also mention the medals we have won at the Gay Games and other competitions, but we don't like to brag."

What makes a good teammate for your club?

"Anyone who wants to make new friends, then punch them!"

Why do you think it is important for there to be LGBTIQ+ specific sports clubs/groups?

"We were founded 25 years ago to provide a place to train martial arts in an environment where sexuality and gender would be no issue. Our numbers have been growing, so we think that there continues to be a demand for the type of safe space we offer to the community."

Do you have an LGBTIQ+ sporting hero?

"Gareth Thomas!"

How do you think sport can benefit the LGBTIQ+ community?

"Sport creates bonds, a common goal, a sense of community and achievement, and an excellent reason to go to the pub afterwards."
“Our goal is to fight homophobia one punch, kick and throw at at a time.”