Rainbow Rexes Lacrosse


Rainbow Rexes Lacrosse

We have over 100+ members UK wide as well as players from the USA, Germany, Canada and France. The club has 3 teams: Men's; Women's; Mixed and we are looking to creating another Men's squad. We welcome players of any ability, there's no need to self-identify in any way to play for us - you just have to be open minded and love lacrosse. We train across the UK at local clubs and come together for tournaments, tours and friendly fixtures.

What is the goal / dream for your club?

"Lacrosse is a brilliant sport that you can enjoy in so many different ways and we want everyone to love is as much as we do. Our club is for anyone, from our fresh beginners to our international stars and we don't want anyone to be excluded. We want to be the club for inclusive, quality and enjoyable lacrosse."

It is pride month so we want to know what you are most proud of about your club?

"How far we have come in 2 years! We started as 8 guys who played in 1 tournament back in 2018, we have now got 100+ members and 3 teams. We've worked with Stonewall UK, Level Playing Field and the BBC to bring our message and ethos to as many people as possible and use our voice to discuss matters such as HIV prevention (supporting the 56 Dean St campaign), mental health and Coming Out day We are a club that welcomes allies and we are proud of the sports community we have created that welcomes everyone. Allies have huge part to play in LGBT+ rights, and the allies who play for us make a statement that they will fight for LGBT rights. We are inclusive, not exclusive."

What makes a good teammate for your club?

"Being open-minded, we welcome anyone from LGBTQIA communities who wants to enjoy lacrosse with us, it's as important to listen as it is to speak up. Also, someone who loves sport, lacrosse is known as "The Fastest Sport on Two Feet", so you have to love the grind of training, practicing playing and winning. We play in rain, snow, mud and (sometimes) sunshine, you should be willing to push yourself for your team and trust me, the win is always worth it!"

Why do you think it is important for there to be LGBTIQ+ specific sports clubs/groups?

"Sport is an essential element of physical and mental wellbeing that should not be denied to anyone. It is important for there to be LGBTIQA clubs that welcome all athletes and foster a safe, welcoming community that celebrates sport, not labels."

Do you have an LGBTIQ+ sporting hero?

"NIGEL OWENS! @Nigelrefowens"

How do you think sport can benefit the LGBTIQ+ community?

"Sport is the ultimate equality in many ways; regardless of your identity stepping onto that pitch makes everyone equal, its your performance in those 90 minutes that matters. However, there are of course barriers to sport for LGBTIQ players that we must address, whether its homophobic abuse from team mates or unwelcoming environments at training, this can all affect an LGBTIQ person's athletic performance. Sport is an essential part of mental and physical wellbeing and fosters friendships and families of likeminded people from all walks of life. For marginalised groups, sport can be the way to support a community, help find friends in a new city or improve your wellbeing."
“Lacrosse is a brilliant sport that you can enjoy in so many different ways and we want everyone to love is as much as we do.”
Rainbow Rexes Lacrosse