We are an inclusive LGBTQ+ cycle group which is welcome to everyone including Trans, Bi, Queer, Gay, Lesbian. We welcome all identities, ages, bikes & abilities. And allies are welcome too. Currently we're in North West England. But we're starting to lay the foundations of being a national LGBTQ+ cycle group in stages over the coming months.

What is the goal / dream for your club?

"To become established nationally as a household name in the LGBTQ+ cycling community where people can meet new friends in an enjoyable setting. Over time we'd love to be renowned as the gold standard for inclusive, friendly, and professional social, outdoor or sporting events across the country."

It is pride month so we want to know what you are most proud of about your club?

"Without a doubt it's being inclusive and our diversity. We're not perfect and we still have work to do, especially appealing to the BAME LGBTQ+ community but we are putting effort in. Our group rides have had a lovely mixture of bi, gay, lesbian, trans, queer, non-binary, men, women, and people in their 20s right up to their 70s. We also have bike diversity from mountain bikes, city bikes, road bikes and even some folding bikes."

What makes a good teammate for your club?

"All we ask is that cyclists in our group are kind and respectful of one another. We encourage our cyclists to look out for one another, especially during rides... after all we don't want to lose anyone."

Why do you think it is important for there to be LGBTIQ+ specific sports clubs/groups?

"I’m lucky enough to have never faced any serious bullying or discrimination, but I know others aren’t so lucky. Many people question their identity, and for some it can make them feel uncomfortable, perhaps because of unfair societal pressures. This can mean some people are put-off joining a sports group in fear of being made to feel unwelcome.

We want to do something about that in cycling. LGBT+ sports groups are great because they allow people to meet like-minded people where they don’t have to explain or justify who, what, how or why they are… they can just be. LGBT+ people, like wider society, should be entitled to focus on having fun, getting exercise and meeting new people without the fear of judgement or discrimination."

Do you have an LGBTIQ+ sporting hero?

"It has to be Gareth Thomas. Admirably he stuck his head above the parapet in a macho sport and has normalised being gay, when it really shouldn't be a big deal but still makes news headlines. He then went public with his HIV diagnosis, again normalising something which shouldn't be a big deal. You have to give him great respect for being who he is and proud of that."

How do you think sport can benefit the LGBTIQ+ community?

"We believe too many people rely on pubs/clubs or apps/websites to meet new people. In moderation those things are okay but overuse can be problematic. Sports and social groups are a great way to meet people which feels natural, is healthy and most of all enjoyable. Endorphins from sport is the best feel-good drug of them all!"
“ Sports and social groups are a great way to meet people which feels natural, is healthy and most of all enjoyable.”