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Camden Shorinji Kempo is a modern Japanese martial art based in the heart of Camden.

We’ll help you to get fit and teach you how to practice mindfulness. One of the best things about our club is the promise of an active community of incredible people across London, the UK and the world. We’d love you to become a part of it!

Our martial art focuses on using an attacker’s weak points rather than relying on brute strength to overcome an opponent. This makes it an ideal form of practical self-defence as it does not rely on bodily size or power. Shorinji Kempo uses a system that balances ‘hard’ strikes (kicks and punches) and ‘soft’ grappling techniques (escapes, locks and throws). We also incorporate restorative massage (seiho) and seated meditation (zazen) into our sessions. In Shorinji Kempo, we focus on respect and cooperation rather than competition. This means that we aim to create a safe and encouraging environment even as we learn how to punch and kick!

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