Gay Outdoor Club (GOC) Oxford

Gay Outdoor Club

Gay Outdoor Club (GOC) Oxford

Hiking and walking

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The Gay Outdoor Club operates throughout Great Britain and provides a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports and recreational activities for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender men and women.

We are mainly a walking group, with the additional attraction of a few invited suppers, BBQs, Christmas events, etc.

Most of our regular members are males over forty, but we do attract and of course welcome younger men and women.

Guests and members with dogs are welcome. Every effort is made to find "dog friendly pubs" without notice. Also we attempt to find parking without height restrictions along with postcodes.

We are formed from the much larger BERKS & MID THAMES GROUP (hereafter referred to as "BERKS") to focus on the Oxford area. Many of our members contribute to BERKS events and vice versa. We normally walk on the 1st Saturday of the month, but from May to September normally join BERKS for their "Summer Walks".

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