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Trans Can Sport is a not-for-profit project based in Brighton and Hove. It was created to get trans people into exercise and healthy living, and aims to help anyone who feels their transgender identity makes participating in sport difficult, including people who are questioning or exploring their gender. We also welcome their friends, families and allies.
Trans people want to engage in activities, both sporting and social, like everyone else. Trans Can Sport was formed to provide a safe space to allow these things to happen in a supportive, friendly and non-competitive environment.
We want to resolve and avoid some of the barriers that stop trans people accessing sport, like gendered sports and changing facilities. Sometimes, the tricky navigation of a gendered changing facility is enough to stop trans people from accessing a particular sport or activity. Trans people often avoid gendered sports altogether, because they may not be accommodating or welcoming of diversity.
We work with local fitness professionals and organisations to provide free or low-cost sports sessions, and make sure our trainers have a thorough understanding of how gender may affect their discipline. Further than ensuring the correct use of names and pronoun preferences, we also consider how gender can creep in elsewhere. Our trainers will always communicate about bodies and movement in a non-gendered way.

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    Various activities, running, yoga, sailing