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Out to Swim Brighton and Hove


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Out To Swim South (OTSS) is an LGBTQ+ and allies Masters Swimming Club based in Brighton & Hove.

We are a group of sociable LGBTQ+ swimmers who swim for fun, fitness or competition.

We provide a friendly environment for those who prefer the social aspect. The southern group was established in 2006 and is the relative of London and Bristol’s Out To Swim.

We all share an enthusiasm to improve with like minded people and be part of an LGBTQ+ inclusive club. Women and men swim inclusive and non gender specific, we have all ages from 20s to 60s. Out to Swim South is open to all with a positive attitude. The club is an adult club and those under 18 are not able to participate.

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    Open to all


    South East England

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    Three sessions per week